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tv   Americas News Headquarters  FOX News  October 6, 2012 3:00pm-4:00pm PDT

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>> rick: hello and welcome to a brand new hour, i'm rick folb m folbaum. >> arthel: i'm arthel neville. the race for president is tightening, key battleground states, after this week's debate, our political panel weighs in. >> rick: remembering a fallen border patrol hero, the u.s. homeland security secretary making an emotional visit to nicholas ivie's family today. >> arthel: hard to believe, the holiday shopping rush is just around the corner. amazing products that might make
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santa's list. the first, governor mitt romney is set to speak at a campaign rally near orlando, minutes from now. and you are now looking at live pictures from the rally, amphitheater and meanwhile, earlier in the day, his wife, ann was greeted with kind words, by supporters at an orlando campaign office. >> i really believe, that your husband is going to be, i think that he will have as much impact as ronald reagan, if not more. >> he'll do better than ronald reagan. >> i felt that for a long time, so... >> arthel: carl cameron is live in apopka, florida where the governor is set to take the stage, fund-raising news from both campaigns, carl? >> reporter: that's right, may be a while before we see governor romney, it is lightning country in florida and the campaign's arrival is delayed because of fear that it might be a threatening storm. a big crowd here and big money raised by mitt romney since the
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debate. his debate performance clearly caught the attention of both republicans, who were worried about the trajectory of his campaign and new voters and the campaign is reporting since the debate performance they've raked in more than $12 million, and, just today, the romney campaign undertaking a national teleconference, and phone banking exercise, made another 2 million contacts with what they hope to be new republican voters. it is a $12 million boost into the debate for mitt romney and stands in the face of staggering numbers from the barack obama campaign reporting last month they collected over $181 million. that does not rival what obama did four years ago in october, before the 2008 presidential election, but is still a massive amount of money, last night, talking to the romney campaign and the big fund-raising dollars the obama campaign was putting up, romney staffers smiled as if to suggest they might top it.
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>> arthel: and also a statement, romney pushing his tax policy, this weekend, right? >> reporter: of course in the wake of the debate in which the romney campaign it really defined the race, a choice between a dependency society with rising taxes that could hurt the recovery, versus the romney agenda which could cut taxes and rely fully on a smaller government and individual responsibility and entrepreneurial spirit and the romney campaign is attacking ever harder. here's a sample from last night. >> it has been calculated his tax plan raising taxes will cost 700,000 jobs. i will not raise taxes on small business and not raise taxes on middle income families. >> reporter: he will spend a little more time in florida and campaign here tomorrow and he has been doing a bit of debate prep with robhe senator from ohio and his debate sparring... playing the role of mr. obama and, monday, big foreign policy speech at the virginia military institute in virginia, and criticizing the
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president on foreign policy with specific criticisms of the way in which the administration handled the attack on the u.s. consulate in benghazi, libya, meant to signal romney will continue to attack the president on the economy, and jobs, but, also on foreign policy and all of the issues, of being commander-in-chief. in the 2012 campaign. >> arthel: thank you very much, a big crowd waiting for mitt romney and the president had no public events today but his campaign says that it has noted stopped him from shattering a major record. carl mentioned this earlier. september fund-raising ended at $181 million. topping his previous record by nearly $70 million. it's the biggest single month haul he has had during this is re-election bid and the president said more than 1.8 million people donated last month. republicans have yet to report their september totals. >> rick: major defense budget cuts are set to automatically kick in at the end of the year and time is running out for congress to stop it from
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happening and it could trigger job losses as well. why is this white house advising defense contractors to ignore a law requiring them to send layoff notices to their employees? chief congressional correspondent, mike emanuel live in washington with that. >> reporter: many involved in national security hope congress and the president will work out a deal after the election to avoid these cuts which defense secretary panetta said would be devastating but a law called the warren act, if you expect a mass layoff of employees you need to give them 60 days notice and one contractor co-says the uncertainty is rough. ? the frustration, we say what should we tell our people and it is akin to being in a car and, all of a sudden you find you are playing chicken and have your company in there and they are saying to you, if we go over the cliff we'll help you out, providing you don't tell the folks that they are in the car with us. >> reporter: the obama administration tells contractors they don't need to send out
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layoff notices days before the election, and if they get sued for ignoring the law the government will pay their expenses and lockheed martin says it will honor the request and hold off telling its worker but in a letter republican senators graham and john mccain warn 15 major defense contractors, writing, quote, it is our fear, should you rely on the guidance and fail to comply with the warren act requirements, you will be setting your company up for serious legal and financial repercussions, and, graham calls the situation disturbing. >> not only did it cut the warn act, it says a president, a president of the united states -- a precedent the executive branch of government, through the president's actions, can set aside existing statutes. >> reporter: administration officials insist their guidance is legal. and, consistent with all federal contracting laws, and, regulations. rick? >> rick: mike emanuel in washington, thanks. >> arthel: "fox news alert" alert on the deadly meningitis
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outbreak, the centers for disease control reporting two more deaths bringing the total to 7 and there are now dozens of confirmed cases in these 9 states, pictured there in the map and the latest case is reported in ohio and minnesota. and the rare fungal meningitis is linked to steroid in sections, commonly used to treat back pain and produced by a specialty pharmacy in massachusetts. health officials warn poe attention thousands of people could be affected. >> rick: a "fox news alert," fox confirm the house oversight committee subpoenaed the leading security official at the u.s. consulate in libya, for next week's hearing on capital hill. utah army national guard green beret lieutenant colonel andy wood, leading a 16-member special forces site security team in benghazi, when the consulate was attacked on september 11th. killing the u.s. ambassador, chris stevens and three others. wood has been subpoenaed to appear at next week's house committee hearing on the attack,
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and the rest of the witness list is not yet complete. >> arthel: a radical islamic cleric and four other terror suspects making their first u.s. court appearance hours after arriving on a flight from london. they spent years unsuccessfully fighting their extradition. and the suspect seen here in court sketches, some pleading not guilty to a string of charges including the 1998 u.s. embassy bombings in africa, al-masri refusing to enter a plea, accused of conspiring to set up a terror training camp in oregon and helping with the abduction of 16 people in yemen, and, two others arraigned on providing equipment to terrorists in afghanistan and chechn chechnya. >> rick: a number of afghan soldiers attacking nato soldiers is on the rise but to troops on the ground the green on blue attacks as they are called are much more complicated than a appear in reports.
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fox news senior military analyst oliver north is at a special operations base near kabul, afghanistan. colonel? >> reporter: there are a lot of these kinds of events that do occur out here, no doubt about it. but, the fact is most of the casualties inflicted are not on nato and u.s. forces, it is on the afghans themselves. we've been to several bases where a small number of special operators are out training the afghan local police, and, security personnel, and here's just some of what we have seen the last several days. today we traveled to a remote out post, three marines were killed in a recent green on blue attack and i asked the element leader about the effects of the incident. >> in the aftermath of some of these other events, have any of them ever come to you and said, we are sorry about what happened? >> yes, sir.
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i -- we've become one of the village and one of the populous and they felt is just as much as we did and we fight side by side and i pick these guys when they are down and they picked us up when we are down, so. >> reporter: this little town, in the sangan district of helmand province was once one of the bloodiest places on the planet and today is protected by local police an afghan special forces and a handful of u.s. marine special operators. all of these events that are happening out here, rick, weighed heavily on these young americans. soldiers, sailors, airmen, guardsmen and marines and the fact is many of them believe that some of it could have been prevented by not setting a deadline for the withdrawal of all of our conventional force. and, these youngsters know that even after the conventional force are gone, these special operators will still be here. rick? >> rick: please pass our wishes and thanks to the troops, colonel north, always good to
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see you. >> arthel: details in the death of the u.s. border patrol agent, nicholas ivy. fbi officials saying friendly fire was likely to blame near the arizona-mexico border and investigators say they are still looking into the case for definitive answers and, homeland security secretary janet napolitano making a trip to ivie's home, expressing her condolences to his family and several border officials joining her on the trip and the border patrol commander says he died a true hero. >> investigators made progress into the investigation into agent ivie's death. and are looking into the possibility that it was a tragic accident. the result of friendly fire. i explained to agent ivie's family that if the investigation ultimately reaches that conclusion, it changes none of the following facts. that agent ivie gave the ultimate sacrifice and died
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serving his country. that he died in the line of duty, and will be honored as such, for his final act of service. >> arthel: he died after he and two other agents responded to an alarm triggered by a sensor aimed at detecting smugglers, another agent was wounded and the third not injured. >> rick: switching gears, the summer's drought helping to uncover the wreck of a historic ship. in st. louis, the uss inaugural is an antique world war ii mine sweeper that sunk after breaking from hits moorings during a 1993 flood and the shallow tide revealed the wreckage, surprising residents including one who watched it sink. >> it was driving across and i saw a big boat come across and we decided to hurry up and get across the bridge and once it came across we saw it on the news, it crashed and hit the bridge there and this is where it has been ever since.
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>> 700 ships are recorded that were wrecked on this breach of the mississippi. >> rick: any chance of water levels going up, any time soon? maria molina is live at the fox weather center with more. >> reporter: unfortunately we are not expecting any rainfall in the the st. louis area, for the rest of the day or tomorrow or the next couple of days. we have a stretch of dry weather that will not be helping the ongoing drought out across portions of the plains and we saw across parts of plains, some snow and even some rainfall, and that is some snow, we saw it and we'll mention that in a moment. i want to mention we have very cool air behind the strong front that pushed through parts of the central plains and across portion of the great lakes. and, basically, temperatures tonight are going to be dropping for many of you, below freezing and it will be a hard freeze of the season, the first one for many of you across kansas and missouri and northern parts of arkansas, oklahoma in to eastern portions of colorado, here's a look at your current temperatures, right now, the 40s across parts of the northern plains and 59 in nashville and, as we head into tonight it will
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get very cold out there. 24 will be your low in pierre and 26° in omaha and 26 in garden city, very cold out here and you will need to pump up the heat and grab the jack and sweater and a lot of the cold air will be lingering for several days, to come, you will notice the cold air will not be leaving quickly, otherwise a quick shot of the cold front, large system, stretching across portions of new england producing showers, already and stretching into parts of the southeast across tennessee and a look at the snowfall, still falling out across western parts of nebraska and kansas, light stuff and down in through portions, again of -- parts of eastern colorado out here and we are seeing the snowfall coming down and slippery roadways, a big issue, for the rest of today and early tomorrow morning and current temperatures, 40s across the midwest and not bad across the northeast, and 62 in new york city and 50 in cleveland and look at tomorrow's high temperature, in new york city, only 54 degrees, really you will notice a difference and, the cold air making it as far south
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as raleigh, north carolina, 58 degrees, for your high temperature, for tomorrow and will be a cold one. >> rick: are you sure that is the right map? sure about that? >> reporter: yes! >> rick: thanks. >> arthel: i'm excite to wear a scarf and a jacket. >> rick: i'm glad one of us is excited. >> arthel: okay. coming up, the wednesday night presidential debate, is shaking up the race for the white house, how is shifting polling numbers, in three key swing states and what it means for both candidates in the final months ahead of the election. >> rick: and honoring an american hero, spectacular ceremony featuring tributes on land, sea and in the sky. and we have a preview. hi, anna. >> reporter: patriotism is on high in new york city at the uss michael murphy is commissioned, not after a former president or historical figure but a 19-year-old american war hero, more coming up. endless shrimp is our most popular promotion at red lobster.
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♪ >> rick: the headlines, this saturday, the military shooting down an unmanned aerial drone which crossed over the mediterranean sea and into israel's southern desert, the first hostile violation of israeli air space, in at least six years. and, the vatican says bthe pope
3:20 pm
former butler will be facing 18 months, for leaking the pope's private letters to reporters. >> a pop fly was ruled out under the infield fly rule, despite dropping safely in the out field and so the braves lost the one game wildcard to the cardinals, 6-3. >> arthel: politics, the race for the white house, tightening, and three key swing states according to the latest rasmussen poll, taken after wednesday night's debate, the governor leads president obama in florida and virginia and the president maintains his lead in ohio. so, what are some of the biggest deciding factors for voters in these states? an advisor to democratic senator bob casey and former staffer for democratic governor ed rendell and brad blakeman, a former
3:21 pm
assistant to president george w. bush. good to see both of you. >> good to see you. >> arthel: we'll dissect it state by state and, florida, it could come down to florida, you have the heavily courted hispanic mayor deeply divided along party lines and strengths and challenges we'll talk about for the president and governor in florida. donna, you start. >> well, i mean, i think it has been accurately voted that florida now qualifies as a purple state because of the divisions you cited. and i think the president's message has gained traction in florida, but i also think that the very stringent voter i.d. laws in florida hafner jiezed some significant democrats -- have energized voters and, will help the president on election day. >> we have a republican governor with a great operation and a u.s. senator, marco rubio, who again has been a tremendous help in florida and the people in florida are doing much better under republican leadership andt
3:22 pm
and certainly governor romney has the proper message for florida, it is about the economy and getting people back to work. florida, unlike virginia and ohio, has a higher national average of unemployment in their state and that will be a challenge for president obama, he has not brought the hope and change to florida like we have in virginia and ohio. >> arthel: let's go to ohio, unemployment, 7.2%, and a healthy auto industry and donna, first, is ohio the president's to lose? we know he is not taking it for granted and visited there 17 times as candidate and 30 as president and how does the president hold the supporters in ohio and, how can governor romney swing them his way? you know, no republican successfully won the white house without ohio as 18 electoral votes. donna? >> well, the heavy lifting the president did in ohio, to bail out the auto industry bradley had direct benefits in ohio in many sectors. and, i think that governor
3:23 pm
romney's opposition to the president's plan for the auto bailout, he basically said, let the auto industry fail. i think it will have -- he'll have a hard time making the case that will be credible enough with the voters in ohio, so i think ultimately, the president, because of the heavy lifting that was done, to provide real jobs for those folks is going to pay off. >> arthel: brad, ohio? >> ohio, look the president has been against clean coal, ohio is a coal state. a lot of people down there are out of work thanks to the president and the regulations that epa put on, the state of ohio and the reason why ohio is doing better than the national average on unemployment, has everything to do with the republican governor and a leadership of making tough choices and, very little to do with the leadership of president obama and let me also say, that the auto bailout is not -- you know, gasoline prices may be alive but is not well until the american people are paid back the $25 billion they are owed. >> arthel: 7.2% unemployment rate in ohio and virginia,
3:24 pm
statistical tie, unemployment rate, 5.9%, and brad, first on this one, governor romney says the country is in a jobs crisis. president obama of course is saying the country is going in the right direction. so, who are the folks in virginia going to roll with? brad? >> i think, they will roll with governor romney and the reason being, again, we have a state of virginia, who is run by a very good governor, a governor mcdonald, who is again somebody who made tough decisions for virginia, when the -- with republican policies and we are no spending more than we take in, in virginia and are forward thinking on energy and unfortunately, again, virginia is stuck in a situation, where we can't exploit our own resources, because of the regulations that the obama administration put on virginia. >> arthel: donna, go for virginia. >> i think that the president has done an extraordinary job in persuading a number of folks in that state, that the message that he is delivering and the work he's doing for virginia and the country is really delivering
3:25 pm
value. their unemployment rate is lower and, frankly i think that the governor's comments, during the episodes on women's rights, really did damage, in the constituency that romney needs to do better in, and, the president does exceedingly well. i would point out, i mean, i think that sort of the underlying feeling here is that because of governor romney's debate performance, there is a sense he has momentum and george w. bush i think said it best when he talked about the big moe but i don't think it is the big moe for romney and it is a moment of moe and there will be many more. >> arthel: that's the last word, we'll find out shortly, when the two gentlemen meet up again, donna gentile-o'donnell and, brad blakeman, thanks for joining us. >> thanks for including me. >> rick: speaking of moe, a momentous day, the uss michael
3:26 pm
murphy, named after a brave lieutenant who sacrificed himself to save the lives of his fellow navy s.e.a.l.s and anna is live in new york city with more. >> reporter: hey there, rick, 29-year-old michael murphy had a lot of tributes since he died and there's a park that bears his name, a monument and a post office in his home town on long island, also, a mention during a dedication ceremony, of a veterans... alma mater of penn state and, the most magnificent tribute is the naval warship behind me, the uss michael murphy, he was killed and died on the deadliest day for american naval war fare and that was since world war ii and june 28th, 2005, this is how it went down, he was leading a four man team tracking down a key taliban leader after being shot in the back he left a protected position to get a signal to radio for backup and, he and two other seals were killed that day
3:27 pm
along with 16 of his rescuers which also included seals and night stalkers with their helicopter, which was shot down. >> mortally wounded, lieutenant michael murphy found the time to say thank you in his final transmission to those directing assistance to his position. >> reporter: well, even when growing up, murphy's nickname was protector, because he stood up for kids who were billied and michael murphy's mother, maureen says the medal of honor, was always honorable, selfless and strong. >> people said to me, oh, you know, just a big dropout rate, don't worry about that and i said, oh, no, you don't know my mike. he never quits, he'll make whatever he sets out to do. he always sat in the back and even in school, he always rose to the top. i'm proud of him.
3:28 pm
>> reporter: so is america, really, the 9200-ton ship will be in new york city until tuesday and, the final home port will be in pearl harbor, hawaii. back to you. >> rick: what a fitting tribute. anna, thanks so much. >> arthel: coming up, governor mitt romney hitting the battleground state of florida, set to stage the stage at a rally in orlando, moments from now, a huge crowd waiting for him. >> rick: we'll take you there live and an inside look at brand new polls exposing the deep rift in consumer confidence between two key groups of people. we'll tell you about that, coming up next. >> arthel: and the next presidential debate is now ten days away. but, will the big show down between vice president joe biden and congressman paul ryan lead to such memorable lines, like this: >> senator, i served with jack kennedy and i knew jack kennedy, jack kennedy was a friend of mine, and senator, you are no
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>> arthel: welcome back, the bottom of the hour and time for the top of the news, we are exactly one month away from election day, president obama taking some time off of the campaign trail and governor romney is scheduled to speak at a campaign rally in the battle ground state of florida. >> rick: and, a bus full of passengers overturns on a new jersey exit ramp and at least 19 people were hurt including some children, the cause of the crash is not yet clear. >> arthel: a near fight between turkey and syria continues for a forth day, it started when a syrian mortar landed near a village killing five civilians and turkey has been firing into syria every day, since. >> rick: new polling on consumer
3:34 pm
confidence coming out days before the new jobless numbers. which dropped below 8%, for the first time since the president took office. a new "gallup poll" shows democrats are more positive about the economic outlook than independents and republicans. so, what could happen post-election day? the managing partner of chapwood investments, good to see you, ed. gallup has democrats up 23 points on the question of consumer confidence from august to september. and republicans totally flat. no change. why do you think? >> well, not only totally flat. it is an amazing chart. the separation between how democrats and republicans feel is dramatic and republicans are feeling worse and are trending lower, so, you know, when you talk about hope and change and bringing the country together, that has not happened at least throughout 2012 through the political season, for sure. >> rick: but the economic numbers are what they are. and, there are different surveys and, indicators that come out
3:35 pm
every week. if we're all looking at the same numbers, why do we have such starkly different views on what they mean? >> well it depends on what you are look at. in my business, the investment business i can make a strong argument the stock market is going higher as i can it will go lower and people are looking at -- people accept what they want to. and we know that and people tend to put most of their attention to the things that confirm their already pre-dispositions and i think you are seeing that now, because you are seeing some signs of positive things in the economy. at the same time, you see very negative things in the economy. and, depends on, you know, when the surveys were done and they are done weekly and it depends how the question is asked. but it is dramatic and everybody, right now, watching, needs to look at the poll and, rick, i applaud you for pointing the poll out, because it is a very important poll to show the divide in the country. >> rick: on the question of impact. consumer confidence, how big of a deal is that overall? if people are more confident about the economy, what kind of
3:36 pm
affect does it have on the economy? >> well, it does to a degree. it really depends if it is trending and, consumer confidence is slowly trending higher. but it is nowhere where it should be, when consumer confidence is really high, you know, you see retailers starting to spends more money and bank starting to lend more, they start to look at the number, quite a bit and right now it has to be in that range where everyone is kind of waiting to see what happens, because the election, is truly a turning point in the country. and it will go one way or the other way and banks, and insurance companies and everybody who spends money in the country, is really waiting to see what happens with the election. >> rick: here's what i am getting at. >> okay. >> rick: one of those guys is going to lose, and a lot of the people who supported that guy, whoever loses, is going to be very upset. and you could imagine their confidence being lowered, as a result of their favorite candidate losing. so if we look ahead, post-election day, and let's say for the sake of argument, we'll
3:37 pm
look at it both ways, governor romney loses. okay? republicans are upset. what kind of an impact, what does that do to the economy as a whole? >> well, i think, everybody generally feels the economy is trending a little bit lower and you can see positive signs, so, if romney lost i think people would continue to hold on and wait to see what happens. and we're missing one major point here, rick and that is europe. a lot of businesses are holding off because of europe. so i tend to think that, you know, if one candidate wins, if romney wins -- excuse mean, loses i think people will wait because of -- if obama wins, frankly we'll see pretty much the same and there will not be a turning point in terms of the election and has a lot to do with how we see businesses develop. >> rick: you want to give words of comfort to folks out there, for the sake of our economy, no matter who wins, we heard governor romney say, during the debate, wealthy people will be just fine no matter who wins the white house and what about everybody?
3:38 pm
will we all be just fine, at the end of the day? no matter who wins? one month from today? >> yes. but some will be finer than others, how is that, rick? >> rick: okay. i'll take it. i'll take it. something jumped out avenue me, especially the discrepancy between how republicans feel versus how democrats feel and i thought it was worth talking about and you were the right man to come on, ed, thanks and always good to see you and the managing partner of chapwood investments. >> arthel: the next big debate is days away, vice president joe biden and republican vp nominee paul ryan set to face off and so, as the result of the first presidential debates, shake up the race can the vp debate do the same? we'll break it down and, a republican senator and, governor american o'mally discuss for this first time the impact of wednesday night's debate. tune in for that. on fox news sunday. does your phone give you all day battery life ?
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>> rick: one dog showing he'll do anything to be by his owner's side. zander, a husky escaping from his new york home shortly after his owner, john dolan had to be hospitalized with a skin condition, and he actually ran several miles, to the hospital. where an employee found him outside the building where he was being treated and they believe that he was able to follow the scent of his owner. they adopted him five years ago from the shelter and nursed him back from the brink of starvation. >> arthel: incredible dogs. we are five days away from the next big presidential debate. and, the vice presidential debate is coming up and joe biden, vice president joe biden and republican vp nominee congressman paul ryan facing off thursday night and how much of an impact will the debate have on the november election? susan estrich, a fox news contributor and professor of law and political science at the
3:44 pm
university of southern california. let's do it. we are operating within the margin of error. general consensus, saying president obama was less than effervescent in the first of the debates. but, those latest... >> effervescent is kind. >> arthel: the poll numbers -- i try. the poll numbers, the governor, gosh romney came out with shining stars and does it mean, the stakes are higher for the vp debate? voters are actually looking into the debates and are tuning in and, are looking for answers. >> vp debates matter, if they -- if vp debates matter i would have been attorney general top of the united states instead of back to teaching and you played the clip, where bentsen squashed
3:45 pm
dan quayle and, we had our campaign chairman and governor clinton and our top staff and went to a little bar, across the street, and we were high, high on excitement and we waited for the numbers to come in from our pollster and when we called him, he said you want the good news or the bad news? and, i always go for bad news and he said, no, i have to tell you, bentsen 10-1 on the debate, and, bentsen, 10-1, over dan quayle and dukakis and bush and i asked the key question and, i said what is the horse race and he said, virtually unchanged. >> arthel: but we're talking about momentum and maybe you are right. it will be the same thing. let's talk about vice president biden and the possibility of him redirecting the momentum towards the president and, what does congressman ryan have to do to pick up where the governor lift off on wednesday night?
3:46 pm
>> what ryan has to do is not make a mistake and it will help him to be on the same platform as biden as, frankly it helped mitt romney not taking anything away from his performance and it helped him to be even with the president and help him more that he was assertive and the president seems cool and passionless but, i'm yet to be convinced that i vice presidential debate, even a strong performance like bentsen's ultimately moves the horse race, because i think people vote for president. >> arthel: they do but we're talking about the vp debates and we will keep going with this. how do you think vice president biden and congressman ryan, campaign managers, are advising them on tone and tact? >> vice presidents are attack dogs and that is their job and i wouldn't be surprised to see both vice president biden and
3:47 pm
will be much tougher on obama in ryan's case, and, mitt romney on joe biden's case and they will not spend time attacking each other. >> arthel: top dog. >> exactly. >> arthel: landmines, susan for either. >> well the landmines are obviously that ryan is a really unknown candidate. i think most americans still don't have a sense for a -- or a feel for him and if he comes across as a kid who, you know, doesn't really have a plan, or is too negative on social security or something like that, people start saying, gee, why did mitt romney pick him? it is a reflection on his judgment and joe biden has been known in the past -- i'll be kind to make a few mistakes and while i don't think it will kill the president, i don't think being reminded that uncle joe
3:48 pm
actually sounds off once in a while helps obama. >> arthel: we'll certainly tune in and by the way, had it been the other way around i would have said the same threatening about governor romney, perhaps he was less than effervescent. that is how i roll, just for the record. >> you are a nice person. >> arthel: good to see you, susan estrich and a reminder, thank you to everybody that we are now just five days away from their first and only debate, by the way, vice president joe biden, and congressman paul ryan and we'll talk about foreign and domestic policies, thursday, october 11th, we'll have live coverage and analysis, 8:55 p.m. eastern and on-line, where you want to go, be sure and catch my main man, rick faulkener -- rick folbaum and harris faulkener, and they'll be on the interactive comfortable, tune in, chat, give us your opinions, presidential debate at 8:45 p.m. eastern, coming up on thursday. log onto an chat 'em
3:49 pm
up. >> rick: i'm focused on you, neville! >> arthel: should i pose? >> rick: we have gadgets and just in time, because you might be starting to put your list together, for the holidays. if you want to know what the best are, stick around, because, our friends from "consumer reports" will join us, right after this break. the best products of the year. you won't want to miss it. ♪ [ male announcer ] jill and her mouth have lived a great life.
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>> rick: i don't know what they are getting dressed up -- what people will be wearing for halloween, but we're talking about christmas presents, already, holiday shopping showing up in our favorite stores. >> arthel: sounds like fun. >> rick: high maintenance. >> arthel: i try not to be, every now and then, see what "consumer reports" has been working hard to test out, this year's top products. how do you like that one? and, mandy walker, so glad to see you, you are here to tell us which items made the list. >> hi, good to be here. >> arthel: good stuff. >> 475 products on the list. some of the best. simple touch, $100, begun of the west e-book readers we've tested. >> rick: what makes it good. >> the display is great, easy to
3:54 pm
use, low light, bright lights, on the beach you can read and on a plane, easy to read and, it is a page-turner, it is fast and simple and it has really good search features. and, really light and, easy to take. >> rick: barnes & noble nook. >> simple touch. only $100. inexpensive and, this is $700, the hp pavilion, 15-inch laptop, actually a really good price and has great features, and it is really easy to search, and it is light weight which is nice, too and has a surprisingly long battery life, almost nine hours and has 750 gigs, memory, a lot of memory. $700 and, great display and easy to read and great for gamers, great display. >> arthel: gamers love their display. and, what is this? i like this. >> this is the ten-cup coffee pot and coffee grinder, and it
3:55 pm
is two in one, five different brew strength and everybody will be happy. >> how many? >> five and three different grinds on the coffee grind. >> rick: can you stop it mid brew and pour a cup of coffee. >> this is the most important thing. >> rick: the most important thing. i can't believe they make them that don't do that. >> arthel: why bother. >> if you like it really strong and somebody else doesn't, you take the strong cup. there you go. and it is $130. >> arthel: not bad. a big one. >> and, great performance. >> rick: what goes in here. >> the coffee beans. the grinder. >> rick: and what is this. >> the water. >> rick: all right. >> you are all set. >> rick: and let's move on. >> camera, s. l. r., kind of an entry level slr, like the high end, fancy cameras but has a lot of great features, like the high end cameras and it is $700, by the way. a great picture-to-picture, no big delay, like one of the fastest we have tested and takes
3:56 pm
great pictures, main thing you want, hd video, and hd video. >> arthel: how much is it. >> $700. >> rick: and quickly. >> the roku-2 and you can plug it into almost any tv and you get instant internet access and stream movies, tv shows and net flicks and hulu, amazon, the whole bit, $80. >> arthel: and good prices! >> yes. >> rick: thank you so much. good to see you. >> good to see you, too. >> rick: i know what i'm getting you. >> arthel: put coffee in there and i'll be good. that does it. -- getting into trouble good night. >> rick: have a great night, everybody, harris faulkener and the fox report, coming up next. . one is for a clean, domestic energy future that puts us in control. our abundant natural gas is already saving us money, producing cleaner electricity, putting us to work here in america and supporting wind and solar.
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